Mythic Goat Coffee is proud to announce our newest release and latest concept. Our goal is to always bring you the best quality coffee, as fresh as possible, without compromise.


Finca Palo Blanco

This small, private farm has been owned and operated by the Ovalle family since 1990. The farm sits at 1700 masl, and its topography allows the region to receive hot winds, creating an ideal environment for growing coffee.


The Ovalle family support the community through donations to local schools, and through education to the region's people on proper use of water and use of water resources. They strive to be socially and environmentally responsible, much like Mythic Goat Coffee.


We are proud to make their hard work available for you.


- Guatemalan - Single Origin - Organic - Rainforest Alliance Certified - Microlot - European Prepared




This is a microlot, meaning it is somewhat limited in availability. Make sure to get yours today!



Tasting Notes

Nougat, Bourbon, Cherry

ExplorE #1


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