What type of shipping options do you offer?

We proudly support and offer USPS First Class and Priority Mail Services. Your shipping rate will be based on the overall weight of your purchase and calculated in real time for the most current and competitive rates. We also offer fee shipping with any order over $50, and a $5 flat rate LOCAL delivery option (make sure to add this to your cart!).

How Does Local Delivery Work?

We gladly will deliver your freshly roasted coffee within 36 hours to your mailbox/front door! Deliveries are available within a 15-mile radius of Tempe, Arizona. Simply add the $5 local delivery option to your cart, and then select “local delivery” as your shipping option.

what type of grind do i need?


Different types of brewing devices require a different grind to ensure you are getting the right amount of water flow through your coffee. Think of it as a sliding scale of small pebbles to very fine sand. But which one is right for you? Follow the guide below for our suggestions based on common types of brew systems.

Coarse Grind - Mostly used for French Press and Cold Brew Systems. These granules are larger in size.

Drip/Pour-Over Grind - This is the most commonly used grind for regular coffee pot brew systems and pour-over setups.

Fine/Espresso Grind - Closer to a "sand" like size, this grind is best used for home espresso makers.




If coffee is kept in an ideal setting (cool, dark, dry and sealed) it will keep its freshness for 2-4 weeks.  Whole beans tend to keep their freshness longer than ground beans, nearing the 4 week mark.  The ground beans remain at their freshest for 2-3 weeks on average. Our bags are resealable and have a (compostable) valve, maintaining its freshness for the maximum average. Coffee beans will not 'spoil,' but if its freshness will begin to decrease if exposed to air, light, heat or moisture.  

What about your coffee is compostable?


We sourced coffee packaging that aligned with our mission to be as sustainable as possible as a retail-based company. The bags and labels we use to package your coffee are certified compostable and are made with materials that comply with ASTM D6400 and EN13432 packaging standards. In addition, we ship the majority of our orders using a 100% compostable mailer envelope. The envelopes are certified by TUV Austria; meeting American, European, International and Australian standards – including certifications for your domestic home compost. To gain these certifications, the product must break down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including worm farm compost. After degradation, they must leave no harmful residues behind. Lastly, used coffee grounds are great for your compost and provide much needed nitrogen and organic materials to boost drainage, retention, and aeration.

Why did my coffee arrive separately from my merchandise?

By using a 3rd Party fulfillment service like Printful, we can make certain your merchandise of choice is always available and offered at the best price possible. This also allows us to offer you a variety of clothing and swag options without having to keep a warehouse full of inventory. When you place an order with Mythic Goat, the coffee is roasted and packaged/shipped locally by us, but merchandise items such as clothing and some of the drinkware will be fulfilled/shipped by Printful. As with most e-commerce during this COVID pandemic, there may be some production or shipping delays for merchandise. With our coffee, however, you can ensure we will do our best to ship out your order within 36 hours of purchase.

Why does my coffee package look different from the last order?


Mythic Goat Coffee is committed to offering quality, eco-friendly, and compostable packaging for you and the planet. Sometimes, however, those resources are not always readily available (production time for sustainable packaging, shipping logistics, etc.…). Rather than reverting to non-sustainable products, we may from time to time select labeling or packaging from another sustainable supplier, or you may receive the same bag but with a stamp instead of a plant based (full color) label. The same goes for our shipping containers. We strive to use 100% compostable mailers for every order, yet sometimes it may be a more appropriate option to utilize a recyclable box. One in fact we may already be recycling from some other purchase and/or delivery. Help us save the world, one shipment at a time!