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Our staple, our security blanket. This "Golden" roast is all you'll need to begin your day. Enjoy this blend hot or iced.


Each bag is 12oz and ground to your preference or delivered whole bean.


Flavor Notes

Honey, Citrus, Vibrant



A delicious blend of Mexico Siltepec El Jaguar SHG (strictly high grown) beans and a natural Brazilian Oberon beans. 

Mexico El Jaguar

Region - Chiapas

Altitude - 1,300 masl

Process - Washed, Sun Dried

Body - Balanced

Flavor - Nutty, Chocolate

Acidity - Tart/Citric

Brazilian Oberon

Region - Cerrado

Altitude - 900 - 1,250 masl

Process - Natural

Body - Full, Round

Flavor - Chocolate, Nutty, Fruit Finish

Acidity - Mild

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