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Enjoy a darker roast but still want to savor every moment? Enrich is our darkest roast and is perfect for those looking to add a little more kick to their cup.


Enjoy hot or iced. 


Each bag is 12oz and ground to your preference or delivered whole bean.


Flavor Notes

Nutty, Earthy, Full Body



A delicious blend of Mexico Siltepec El Jaguar SHG (strictly high grown) beans and a natural Brazilian Oberon beans. 

Mexico El Jaguar

Region - Chiapas

Altitude - 1,300 masl

Process - Washed, Sun Dried

Body - Balanced

Flavor - Nutty, Chocolate

Acidity - Tart/Citric

Brazilian Oberon

Region - Cerrado

Altitude - 900 - 1,250 masl

Process - Natural

Body - Full, Round

Flavor - Chocolate, Nutty, Fruit Finish

Acidity - Mild

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